Monday, May 10, 2010

Sir Pepo and being married

Run ALL night and sleep ALL day, this is the lot of our hamster's life. He is really cute though...
I'm glad to have the animal presence again. I grew up with cats constantly in our home. It almost feels as though there is a void when no animal is near. Hurray for Sir Pepo!

This being married is great! My life feels so strangely natural to being married. The grace of God is apparent, because even though living with a man is very different than the houses with roommates and at home. There is much peace and joy also. God is so great to join to different people together to make us more like Him. Such a brilliant plan.

So, since my engagement ring broke while moving our stuff into the apartment (which I felt awful about because Bren's cousin Joey did a beautiful job putting the heart spescerite garnet into the heart fixins- but the stone was already cracked- he was concerned about it) Bren got me a new ring. And so we celebrated being married 9 months on Saturday!!!!
Bren surprised me and took me to Carowinds for both our first time and we rode the Intimidater, which was an awesome roller-coaster. I really like the Night Hawk though, where you go through the coaster on your back and backwards (at night)... That my friends, was GREAT!!!! Hurray, so Bren very sweetly surprised me on the whirlybird snoopy ride and gave me a beautiful ring with Bren and Amber Joy engraved in it! It has two hearts, one garnet and one white topaz.

Thank You Lord for my wonderful husband!

We had a lovely Saturday and a lovely Mother's Day with Nancy and Corie to dote on while their children are not near, and our Mother's are gone. We had a great High Tea... And Bren decided he likes High Tea=) Hurray! Momma brought me a beautiful tea cup when her and Daddy came to visit, it sits in our beautiful China cabinet they brought also!
Time for bed here....

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