Thursday, October 7, 2010

Working on AJoy's Enterprise, LLC

Alright! So, I have an official, Secretary of State recognized business! No seriously, it hasn't necessarily been a dream of mine to have a business, but I'm on a journey of learning. There are lots more forms and complicated things than I ever knew about.
On top of which I am attempting to learn drupal! (A content management system - basically a website template)
My website is far from done but if you want to check it out it is Ajoy's Enterprise, LLC .

Oh yea... so what is my business you ask?
Essentially classes, connecting, and creations(products). So I will be selling things I make, my Mom makes and my friend Monica makes on the site... I have a few products up without pictures yet... That is a process in itself!
It all started at the Atlanta House of Prayer after putting out MANY MANY applications without "success". I said, "Lord, I think I'm missing something here, what do You want me to be working on?" I then saw in my minds eye creative things, sewing projects and such. I was like huh, I typed that out. A month later I had forgotten all about it (strange isn't it how that works) and I was still searching for a job. And I went back over the things I received from AHOP... I was like, oh, well I better get on that. So I have currently in process my Retail Sales License ($50), and my Withholding License for employees (for myself really-FREE - hurray!). Once those go through every month I haves to submit a Tax Form for sales and quarterly a Form (and money) for the employee withholding!
I'm still trying to figure out Form 2553? To file an LLC as an S corp... Oh the Greek!
Now I have put one Item on, but there rules state that I can't lead people to another site where it is sold the same thing. So I will have items that aren't available on my site on my AJoysEnterprise on Etsy  to keep in compliance with their rules.=)

So my journey currently is creating beautiful things with Jesus and selling them. And networking people that have a similar vision. If go to the site and like it talk to me about getting a page link... I am starting the "Connecting/Networking" for Fort Mill/Charlotte/Rock Hill areas.

Again, note that this is a process I am on and I am by far finished. I wonder what God has in store for Bren and I considering he had a business and now I am learning about this whole thing???
I have also made a business blog.


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