Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another dream

A few nights ago I had another dream that was quite intense and woke myself up yelling and couldn't remember where I was:

I have deleted the dream, someone gave the interpretation and I now feel it is good to take it off... But you can still pray what I have at the bottom if you like=)

I believe the majority of it has to do with intercession. So if any of you want to pray with me for the things following, please read and pray as you agree.
Father, I ask you to heal the hearts of the hurting, soften the hearts of those abusing others and heal them in Jesus' name. We release them to you for judgment Shophet. I thank You Abba for bringing justice to those who have suffered from abuse. Show us how we can join You in bringing righteous judgment to the earth. I pray the Your truth would shine setting the captives free in Jesus' name. I pray for visions and dreams to those that don't yet know You and Your GREAT BIG LOVE!!!!! I love You Lord, help us to see each other with Your lens.
I ask You to raise up people to bring Your protection and to send angels to cover those formally abused with Your feathers, that they may take refuge under Your wings. Show us Your glory in these times Lord! I pray Your perfect love that casts out all fear will infiltrate in the hearts of the hurting. I plead the blood of Jesus over the Muslim women living in abuse, Abba, come and set the captives free in Jesus' name.

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