Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excited about Wendy Petzel

The majority of my life I had little to no interest in politics. Until I understood the importance of being involved after coming up to SC.
I like the quote on Pamela Geller's site, "Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction."
By doing nothing to help shift our government we are giving permission for evil to ensue. I am no longer ignorant of the importance of being involved. Thank You Father for Your grace. Holy Spirit gave direction to our founding fathers to start up this nation, and we still need Him to help us keep our constitution.
I am very excited to say that for the first time in my life, I really know a candidate that is running for some sort of office. (Except my Grandfather, but he ran before I was born).

In District 16 in SC there is a woman named Wendy Petzel running for Senate to replace Mick Mulvaney. She is a conservative candidate coming in to help sort of... audit the government in South Carolina. Find places that we can make cuts. To some this may seem like a terrible thing to do. Why? Because we need gov't funding! Well, my Beloved fellow citizens. I think it is time that we turn back to God as our provider and not the gov't. That was NOT what the founding fathers intentioned, and the government wasn't set up to provide all our needs. That is NOT what our government is for.
It CAN'T do it any longer, many states will be insoluble if action isn't taken NOW to make budget cuts.
The government is not meant to be our provider of funds.
Please read the Early Documents yourself.
Wendy has a passion for the USA more than most people I have ever met, one of the first things I noticed about her is the BIG American Flag over her garage. I got to be a part of singing her America songs in the choir she started. They are really beautiful and get stuck in my head often. =) She is very well researched on the issues at hand and feels a call towards government.

We need a shift in government if we are going to survive and keep our freedoms. If you are in Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC District 16, I highly recommend this patriotic, well educated woman for your vote on February 22nd.  Here is her mission statement:

"The hour is late. The world looks on with fear and trembling as this mighty nation stands on the edge of a precipice, its foundations crumbling.
Will it be the end of America as we know it?
The people cry out for restoration, yearning for long life for this nation and a return to the principles by which our founding fathers lived.
I believe that we can reclaim the great strength of our nation, its economy, its national defense, its technical ingenuity.
We can do it as we stand squarely on the shoulders of our Constitution.
We can regain our freedoms that are being wrenched from our grasp if we have abiding vigilance, and if we are prepared to sacrifice.
Like the eagle, we have far-reaching vision in our dreams for the future.
We will soar above the eminent crisis of our day, and we will be strengthened on the wings of our faith.
Together we resolve to give future generations a strong, prosperous nation in which dreams can be fulfilled under the banner of freedom.-Wendy "

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