Friday, February 18, 2011

Miracles Still Happen- Appearing Wallet!!!

After Monday night's Oak Initiative Meeting Bren (my husband) and I came home and we were sitting on our couch. He said, " I have a surprise for you. Do you want to guess?" (Now I had watched both services for Morningstar Sunday b/c I web-streamed for my friends, M and S that just had baby J, at my house. And before both services C and a girl I don't know announced a French Dinner Theater for $8 in the Ballroom- and I told the Lord I wanted to go, and to have Bren get the tickets if we could.- I did not tell Bren.)
At the French Dinner Theater a week later=)
I said, "French Dinner Theater Tickets!" He said, "Yes!" (Surprised, but happy that I guessed it, b/c it meant I had wanted to go... I mean $8 dinner theater??) He pulls out his wallet and shows me the tickets. Hurray, me so happy! He put the wallet down somewhere on the couch.
Tuesday morning: he got up for work and looked for his wallet, to no avail, gave up and went so he wouldn't be late.
Tuesday night: he searched for over an hour and a half every part of the downstairs and our upstairs bedroom, took off the cushions, took everything off the mushroom (square foot rest that matches). I looked through the couch myself. He looked in his special drawer that he usually puts his wallet over a dozen times expecting it to be there, but it was not. He started anxiously looking, but then prayed and got excited about finding it and was no longer discouraged. We spoke together "I want my wallet" from Bobby Connor's "I want my knife" story, (and for the Lord to show us where it is since the beginning - no vision came- so I knew there was a reason He wasn't showing us, b/c I know He can from previous experience)
Wednesday morning: looked again in the special drawer and other places to no avail. (Now I had been looking around too, just not as much as him.)
Wednesday night: he searched more, again, took everything out of our bottom closet and put it back again, cushions, couch.
Thursday night: he wasn't searching much, and had determined he needed to cancel all his cards and get a new license. Still new God could bring it back, but couldn't figure out where it was. Now, I had the strong desire to find this wallet, I searched through his special drawer, couches, cushions, the car (I did find a ring I had lost in there=)! Back to the drawer, the other drawers, NADA. Went to sleep.
Friday morning: 2/18/2011 - Bren comes into the bedroom early showing me his wallet!!!! I said, "Oh, my! Where was it?" He said, "It manifested! It was in my drawer!" I said,"What?! What do you mean, like under stuff, way in the back?" He said, "It was at the front under a little piece of paper! Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord! When all is lost, including our identity, He will restore it!"
And the praises continue=) Thank You Lord!
Now my question is... where was the wallet the past 3 1/2 days??? ;) Heaven?=) If the Lord tells me I'll let you know! I have a few other missing items I'd like restored too=) Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!

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