Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurray!! We are moving!

So we have finally secured a residence in SC... Only 2 weeks before we need to be out of here(our apartment in Charlotte). SC - the land where you can have babies at home. I watched the Business of Being Born yesterday, wow! Seriously! I have watched it before, but it really is a good documentary.

And the very sweet landlord (at our new place) accepts Sir Pepo's and fish! Great news, great news!

When I was praying previously (over 2 months ago) about where we should live, I kept picturing this place. But it just seemed that it wasn't going to happen... So after a month of contacting, we are going to be able to get it!!!

As my current home group leader states, often times when you have a clear word you have to fight more for it... And we did, and we are over-comers. Me, being the planning woman that I am, had a much harder time than my Beloved Bren. Ha!
So I am working on my children's book currently, and I have finished 4 childrens lady bug aprons. Hand painted too!!!I thought they were very cute=) God helps me with ideas;)

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