Monday, July 5, 2010

Keep getting called the wrong name?

So pretty much as long as I can remember, people have called me "Heather". Family reunions, friends, family friends, church members, etc... I thought it was because I have to sisters with "H" names... Heidi and Holly. But the first time someone called me "Heather" when they had no knowledge of my family at all and I had written my correct name down for them I began to think differently about this.
I went home to look up what it means: Blooming.
Interesting? Maybe, just maybe, the LORD is trying to tell me something. It has happened again several times recently from friends and I believe that God is giving me a message that I am blooming=)
So, if people keep calling you a name that isn't yours, look up what it means and find the message.
Shalom! And beware of offense it isn't worth it=)
Keep getting called the wrong name? There is no shame, perhaps the Lord has a message to say=)
Also, note the the Redeemer Lives - the One that makes things better than if it hadn't happened at all. The Mother of Jesus, the Messiah, was named Mary - which means bitterness and rebellion and yet she was chosen for her obedience=) So even if you don't like the original meaning, give it to the One who loves you so much so He can turn it for good=)

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