Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Worms for our Garden!

So we are officially composting in our backyard! I made my own worm inn based off of Rainbow Worm Inn.  Except I just put a tie at the bottom.
The red worms just came today. My hubby ordered 2 lbs! Did you know that you can put paper towel inserts, paper egg cartons and cardboard into your compost?? I am very excited about our in home recycling. Plus, since we are having a vegetable garden this year, we can feed our plants without having to buy more stuff at the store.
The start to our garden=)
I also found out that too much citrus is not good for the acidity of the worm castings. But egg shells help to bring your ph to balance! What a new thing I have discovered. But I am super excited about the recycling aspect of this! Let's save the planet, one family at a time! Amazing.