Friday, May 11, 2012

Happenings in my life...

It has been a long time since my last blog... So sorry=) The store keeps me occupied. So today will just be some randomness of happenings:
Kid's Church is Awesome!

  • Dr. Suuquiina, a Native American chief who is a Hebrew scholar spoke at my shop and talked about how the Hebrew letters correspond to musical notes. He said you can play the names of God using song! We sang Yahweh e-g-a-g and he started do his native thing and it sounded awesome.
  • I am helping with Ages 3-6 at my church, and that has been super fun! Especially when my Beloved is with me=) I love how ages 3-4 don't quite understand questions yet..."So what did we talk about last week?" - [Which automatically to the 3-4 year old mind means I have just given an invitation to share anything that's on their mind] to which, 3 weeks in a row now, the same little boy raises his hand and delightfully declares, "I'm a boy!" - to which I smile and say, "Yes, you are a boy!=)" To which the other young ones pipe up excitedly sharing their gender. Gotta love it!
  • I meet so many really awesome people at United Artisans of America. Everyday is different and I am excited for what is coming. Jenny from the Fort Mill Times interviewed me recently and she is super sweet! So grateful for the support I have received. I really have discovered that word of mouth is key! Hurray for the internet and the news. Evidently I was on CN2 news also, but I still haven't been able to find it to watch it. [One of the few moments I wish I had TV;) - I have now lived almost 5 years without TV channels in my dwelling place! Amazing thought considering how much I watched it before!]
  • I met this amazing woman, Shelley, who is teaching a BUNCH of kid classes this summer! She is very good with children and art, so tis a great combination;) I'm excited about summertime!