Friday, February 25, 2011

Song for the Mommy's with Babies in Heaven

This is the transcription of Elizabeth's encounter with Jesus and the two-cell fetus that just touched my heart.
[I read this in Mary Jo Pennington's book Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses and saw the transcript on]

My name is Elizabeth Szeremeta, and on August 16, 2005 a little after 10pm at home at Rawdon, Quebec, Canada.
Suddenly I noticed that the light in the dining room where I was seated at the table began to get brighter and brighter.
In my spirit, I knew that soon heaven would come down to earth.
I waited... Jesus came...
I have read the accounts of Sister Faustina, a Polish nun who saw and described Jesus.
The wonderful Jesus that I saw fit her description, except He was more golden, more glorious. His hair had brilliant highlights. Surrounding Him were minuscule particles of gold dust, which danced in the air around Him.
Jesus began to speak. He said he was holding an aborted embryo in his hand. He let me see a close-up of this embryo, as if I were looking through a magnifying glass, so that I could scrutinize all the details:

I had a moment of uneasiness. This embryo had neither arms nor legs. There were no details which resembled a baby.
All I could see was two cells fused together. Each cell had a darker spot. I was made to understand that this spot was the door through which one could enter in... in order to obtain all the details on the future development of the baby.

Here is an excerpt of our conversation:
Jesus said, "This aborted baby has a message for you."
I said, "Jesus, why are you speaking to me in French? You know I understand English or Polish better."
Jesus said, "This message is destined for French-speaking people."
Suddenly, I realized I had perfect mastery of the French language. I was thrilled.
The Baby embryo said to me, "I am a baby who is now living in heaven, along with thousands upon thousands of other babies who are growing up with me. Together we wrote a letter to our mothers, who are still living on Earth."

I asked, "Why did you choose me to deliver this message? I have never experienced an abortion."
Jesus answered, "Because you are able to write music."
Baby embryo answered also, "We like you because you know rejection, as we knew it, while we were on Earth."
Then I started to take down the song, as the baby dictated it to me by singing it, phrase by phrase, note by note.
I noticed that I could take all the time in the world, for the job to be well done. No one was in a hurry. When I was finished, I asked some more questions.
I asked, "Jesus, why did you choose this embryo, in particular, to deliver this message?"
Jesus answered, "Because it was the youngest."
I was made to understand that right from the moment of conception, one is already a person.
I asked, "Is this embryo a girl or a boy?"
Jesus said, "I won't answer that question. This embryo represents all of the aborted girls and boys who are now growing up in heaven."

I asked, "Does the baby have a name? If not, may I give it a name?"
Jesus answered, "No, a special grace will accompany this song each time it will be sung.
"I will let all mothers of aborted babies, who listen to this song know how many girls, how many boys they have rejected.
"If they repent and decide to consecrate their lives to me, I will give these mothers an opportunity to choose themselves, the names of their aborted children."

I said, "So this baby is waiting for its real mother to pick a name for him?"
Jesus answered, "You have understood correctly. This song will be sung here and there, all over the world."
abortions are performed per year.


By the babies in heaven through Elizabeth Szeremeta

My dearest Mommy, I am your own child.
God gave me to you, but then you aborted me.
I see you crying your heart out for me,
And I am telling you that I love you,
Oh Mom, I love you.

My dearest Mommy, as I watch from Heaven,
I want to say, that I love you so much,
And at the end of life's journey,
I want you to come and live
in Heaven with me.

My dearest Mommy, up in my Heavenly home,
The strong arms of Jesus
hold me with such great love.
I see the splendor and
Joy of all the saints
We're all so glad
that we can
live here forever.

My Dearest Mommy
Jesus does understand
He wants to forgive and to
Give you His peace and His joy.
Open your heart, give your whole life to Him
And when you do, you'll see,
You will be happy.
 ****If you have had an abortion and don't know what gender your baby is... God wants to show you him/her and heal your heart. Go to Him, He loves you and your babies! Repent, receive healing, move forward, name your child - they love you! 
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Evidence of God

While making campaign phone calls for Wendy Petzel (that didn't win this time around) I had several people hang up on me. After-wards, I would say out loud I forgive you I forgive you I forgive. Trying very hard not to take it personal and mean it=)
Right after a hang up a woman said something to me very rudely before hanging up the phone, and I actually managed to say "I forgive you" before I heard the click.
I got off the phone and cried, tears and all, as I continued to say "I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you." I skyped (called with a camera) my Beloved and he said, " Remember hurting people, hurt people. I said, "I know, I know, but it is hard because I don't know how she is hurting." He told me to take a break, but I kept calling until I reached my skype limit. No more hang-ups, only voice mail, sometimes I am very grateful for the voicemail=)
Then, I am doing my dishes later and I heard a question in my spirit.
Why is your heart sad when people say something mean? I am not sure.
Why is your heart glad when people are kind? Hhmmmm...
The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control...
When someone is speaking with kindness towards me, they are joining with Holy Spirit. It is evidence to a work He is doing in their life. Even if they know Holy Spirit or not.
When someone is speaking from meanness, or bitterness, it is evidence of a different spirit they are partnering with.
When this revelation hit me I began to have compassion for the woman that I called and I prayed for her with a sincere heart that her heart would be healed so she could love like she has never been hurt. I love this woman that spoke with me on the phone. I can tell you after the 1 liner spoken to me I didn't really want to love her. But God answered my prayer for His perspective and now I can see her differently. Thank You Abba.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Miracles Still Happen- Appearing Wallet!!!

After Monday night's Oak Initiative Meeting Bren (my husband) and I came home and we were sitting on our couch. He said, " I have a surprise for you. Do you want to guess?" (Now I had watched both services for Morningstar Sunday b/c I web-streamed for my friends, M and S that just had baby J, at my house. And before both services C and a girl I don't know announced a French Dinner Theater for $8 in the Ballroom- and I told the Lord I wanted to go, and to have Bren get the tickets if we could.- I did not tell Bren.)
At the French Dinner Theater a week later=)
I said, "French Dinner Theater Tickets!" He said, "Yes!" (Surprised, but happy that I guessed it, b/c it meant I had wanted to go... I mean $8 dinner theater??) He pulls out his wallet and shows me the tickets. Hurray, me so happy! He put the wallet down somewhere on the couch.
Tuesday morning: he got up for work and looked for his wallet, to no avail, gave up and went so he wouldn't be late.
Tuesday night: he searched for over an hour and a half every part of the downstairs and our upstairs bedroom, took off the cushions, took everything off the mushroom (square foot rest that matches). I looked through the couch myself. He looked in his special drawer that he usually puts his wallet over a dozen times expecting it to be there, but it was not. He started anxiously looking, but then prayed and got excited about finding it and was no longer discouraged. We spoke together "I want my wallet" from Bobby Connor's "I want my knife" story, (and for the Lord to show us where it is since the beginning - no vision came- so I knew there was a reason He wasn't showing us, b/c I know He can from previous experience)
Wednesday morning: looked again in the special drawer and other places to no avail. (Now I had been looking around too, just not as much as him.)
Wednesday night: he searched more, again, took everything out of our bottom closet and put it back again, cushions, couch.
Thursday night: he wasn't searching much, and had determined he needed to cancel all his cards and get a new license. Still new God could bring it back, but couldn't figure out where it was. Now, I had the strong desire to find this wallet, I searched through his special drawer, couches, cushions, the car (I did find a ring I had lost in there=)! Back to the drawer, the other drawers, NADA. Went to sleep.
Friday morning: 2/18/2011 - Bren comes into the bedroom early showing me his wallet!!!! I said, "Oh, my! Where was it?" He said, "It manifested! It was in my drawer!" I said,"What?! What do you mean, like under stuff, way in the back?" He said, "It was at the front under a little piece of paper! Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord! When all is lost, including our identity, He will restore it!"
And the praises continue=) Thank You Lord!
Now my question is... where was the wallet the past 3 1/2 days??? ;) Heaven?=) If the Lord tells me I'll let you know! I have a few other missing items I'd like restored too=) Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rejoicing over Repentance

Now, this is not a new concept for sure, however it hit me this morning more than ever. Today's scripture reading came from Luke 15.

In pride I have had tendencies upon reading/hearing certain passages of scripture thinking they didn't apply to me.
For example the prodigal son found in Luke 15... I still remember watching the Donut Man as a youngster and seeing their rendition of this story and thinking... "That isn't fair!" Relating to the older son much more than having compassion on the younger brother that spent money on relations with women. I honestly never understood the implications here until I was in college and I heard Jason in IVCF speak about the son and God's love. I really suggest reading it, possibly again... is your friend!=)
I did not recognize the sin that was in my heart: judgmental-ism, pride, control, manipulation, fear of man, to name a few. Because I never drank or smoke, etc... I thought I was the righteous one. But this is very wrong and dangerous thinking my friends. I can fully tell you that "Pride comes before the fall". It is by God's grace over my life that I haven't ever been drunk with wine, and I pray by God's grace I never will. I think one of the most freeing sermons I ever heard was Rick Joyner stating that by God's grace he has never cheated on his wife, and by God' s grace he prayed he never would! Praise God for this man! We have the capability inside each of us for EVERY sin! If we have not done a particular sin,  God's grace is in us helping us make good decisions. We partner with God in doing good. You can be the most powerful team on Earth, if Jesus is who you stand with.
Jesus was branded for our transgressions - the outward, manifested sin
and bruised for our iniquities... the inward heart bent toward sin
Ana Mendez says iniquity is part of our spiritual DNA, and I think she is right. If there are things I have not repented for, the heart bent towards those sins will be passed on to my children for them to deal with. There are consequences for our sin. And Jesus became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ! So God's grace is with everyone in differing degrees. God gives us free-will to choose the right thing or not, and there are consequences. Once we repent and uproot the iniquity in our hearts His grace and joy can fill those spots! Hurray!

So anyways, back to Luke 15, he he, there are the 3 parables Jesus gives after the religious leaders grumble because Jesus is chilling with sinners.
  • First is the sheep, leaving 99 sheep to retrieve the lost one. 
At the end Jesus says, "there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance."
  • Second is the Lost Silver Coin.
At the end Jesus says, "In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents."
  • Third is the Prodigal Son.
At the end Jesus says, "But we had to celebrate and rejoice, for this brother of yours was dead and has begun to live, and was lost and has been found.'" 

Every time I repent, turning my heart towards God and away from my bad attitudes, pride, selfishness... there is rejoicing in heaven. The angels are moved to joy. The reality is every time we turn away from God we become like the lost sheep, lost coin, the lost son. Every time I feel the selfishness to drink all the chocolate milk and not save any for my darling husband, I am turning away from the Lord! But if I take this moment and repent for selfishness, there is rejoicing! Rejoicing, and joy joy joy!!!!
Submit to God, resist the devil - and he will flee from you.
Thank You Abba for Your kindness that leads us to repentance, and for showing us this piece of what heaven is like.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excited about Wendy Petzel

The majority of my life I had little to no interest in politics. Until I understood the importance of being involved after coming up to SC.
I like the quote on Pamela Geller's site, "Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction."
By doing nothing to help shift our government we are giving permission for evil to ensue. I am no longer ignorant of the importance of being involved. Thank You Father for Your grace. Holy Spirit gave direction to our founding fathers to start up this nation, and we still need Him to help us keep our constitution.
I am very excited to say that for the first time in my life, I really know a candidate that is running for some sort of office. (Except my Grandfather, but he ran before I was born).

In District 16 in SC there is a woman named Wendy Petzel running for Senate to replace Mick Mulvaney. She is a conservative candidate coming in to help sort of... audit the government in South Carolina. Find places that we can make cuts. To some this may seem like a terrible thing to do. Why? Because we need gov't funding! Well, my Beloved fellow citizens. I think it is time that we turn back to God as our provider and not the gov't. That was NOT what the founding fathers intentioned, and the government wasn't set up to provide all our needs. That is NOT what our government is for.
It CAN'T do it any longer, many states will be insoluble if action isn't taken NOW to make budget cuts.
The government is not meant to be our provider of funds.
Please read the Early Documents yourself.
Wendy has a passion for the USA more than most people I have ever met, one of the first things I noticed about her is the BIG American Flag over her garage. I got to be a part of singing her America songs in the choir she started. They are really beautiful and get stuck in my head often. =) She is very well researched on the issues at hand and feels a call towards government.

We need a shift in government if we are going to survive and keep our freedoms. If you are in Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC District 16, I highly recommend this patriotic, well educated woman for your vote on February 22nd.  Here is her mission statement:

"The hour is late. The world looks on with fear and trembling as this mighty nation stands on the edge of a precipice, its foundations crumbling.
Will it be the end of America as we know it?
The people cry out for restoration, yearning for long life for this nation and a return to the principles by which our founding fathers lived.
I believe that we can reclaim the great strength of our nation, its economy, its national defense, its technical ingenuity.
We can do it as we stand squarely on the shoulders of our Constitution.
We can regain our freedoms that are being wrenched from our grasp if we have abiding vigilance, and if we are prepared to sacrifice.
Like the eagle, we have far-reaching vision in our dreams for the future.
We will soar above the eminent crisis of our day, and we will be strengthened on the wings of our faith.
Together we resolve to give future generations a strong, prosperous nation in which dreams can be fulfilled under the banner of freedom.-Wendy "