Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have really been thinking about the beauty of mystery. Being with Bren is like continually solving mysteries. I am very happy that there was so much mystery when we got married. There were many things I didn't know, and things I have yet to discover. About who I am, who God is, who Bren is.
I have moments of wishing I was even more naive before we were wed. I think why I wanted to write this is to implore the young to keep some mystery. It really is a lie that you need to have everything figured out involving marriage before it happens. What a beautiful journey I get to partake in. I am also writing this to implore anyone reading this who isn't married and feels like there is no mystery left, or those that are married and feel like there is no mystery left... There are still things that are to be discovered about who you truly are, beautiful things. And if you aren't married, do not arouse or awaken love until it is the right time. Keep your mystery. It is the glory of Kings (and Queens) to search it out. Jesus longs to wash us and cleanse us, pure as snow. Pure as the glistening, sun reflecting, snow.
Please do not receive condemnation, but life and love and freedom!

What an adventure we get to have...

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